“Roadhouse!” Says Peter Griffin

(Excuse this entry, I don’t have much photos taken.  Most of my photos came out blurry.  Must. Take. Better. Pictures. Next. Time.)

So my sister from a parallel universe, Cez came for an impromptu visit last Saturday.  With her two kids, Eljae and Tiara, in tow, they hitched a ride with my husband from their choir practice.  Her husband had to go back home for awhile to finish up with some work but would follow later that night.  Cez, and her husband Ethan Dave (he’s really just Ethan, but we like calling him by his full name), are one of the couples we have the twist of good fate to be very close friends with.  (The rest of the bunch, you’ll get to know as I go along with my blog life.)  Yes, we’re this close *putting both pointing fingers together*.   Her kids love visiting us because of our papillon dog, Nala.  She’s their favorite pet, nevermind that Tiara lately had to take Benadryl just to be with her.  She somehow acquired the allegry to dogs.  We figured, fortunate for her, she got it very young (she’s only 5) and would definitely outgrow it soon enough.  So allerfy or not, that won’t stop her from playing with Nala till Nala, the hyper dog that she is when they’re around, gives up and won’t budge.

Five Guys!!! I love!! (Photo credits: Tripadvisor.com)
Five Guys!!! I love!!  (Photo credits: Tripadvisor.com)

So where was I, oh yes, the impromptu visit.  We were texting, she, while at choir practice and me at home doing my blog,  I mentioned that I was getting hungry and haven’t had a bite to it.  This, at 2 pm.  She said she hasn’t eaten either and we thought it would be a good idea for her to come over and we can have lunch then go “window” shopping.  At 3pm they arrived.  I took a quick shower, fixed myself, then headed to have some yummy Five Guys burgers along Campbell Blvd here in White Marsh, MD right in front of the new Nottingham Commons Malls.

We had bacon cheeseburgs, fries and sodas. Tiara, had her favorite hotdog sandwhich.  The biggest thing I love about Five Guys is that their burgers have that “actually made and grilled” taste.  In laymen’s terms – it doesn;t taste like fastfood.  And those fries!!  How can they actually afford the production cost to give you that much fries?  The answer – it doesn’t really take much to acquire and prepare them.  So for any restaurant that would be stingy on the fries, be ashamed… be very ashamed.

Their hotdog, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about.  Altho it still tasted better than some hotdogs I’ve had before, it’s just too salty.  But I don’t blame Five Guys.  All the hotdogs I’ve tasted here in the US have always been like they were doused with too much salt happiness at the factory.  (I’ve always longed for Purefoods’ or Swifts’ juicy hotdogs from back home.)

So from there, we took a trip to the outdoor mall right across.  The Nottingham Commons is a very new mall that was opened just this summer.  Alas, no bounty was gotten!  (It happens, don’t be surprised…)  So we decided to head back home and chill out till Ethan Dave comes.  Anna, one of our “younger sisters” who we happily bumped into at TJ Maxx by accident followed after her massage.

Cez and I could actually talk, interjected with too much laughter, incessantly.  Between the two of us, poor Anna just couldn’t butt in often enough.   That was how the rest of the afternoon till early evening went by while waiting for Ethan Dave.  By the time he arrived at 8, we were hungry enough and already planned to go to Texas Roadhouse – a steak house restaurant that just opened a few months ago.  Its located at 8207 Town Center Dr Nottingham, MD 212, right across The Avenue on their left side.

(Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/txrhNottinghamMD/)
(Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/txrhNottinghamMD/)

Hubbie and I had been here before and I do love their steaks.  I’d really like Cez to try it, the foodie that she is. The atmosphere of the place is really informal and casual.  Much like hoe downs happen here everynight.  The waiters even do a western dance number every so often to the delight of the audience.  But there’s a catch tho, if you’re allergic to peanuts, this might not be the place for you.  Peanut shells are scattered all over the place, since they’ve got huge barrels of peanuts by the waiting area, just like at Five Guys.  And if you’re a little OC (obsessive-compulsive) about cleanliness, this might not be the place for you either.  Same peanut shells lie on the floor, untouched, unswept.  Much like a hoe down, really.

We started off with their famous Cactus Blossom.  A soooo good and tasty fried onion appetizer with their signature sauce.  I’ve never ordered this before, thinking they’re just onions.  But I was wrong.  From now on, I am on the quest for the best fried onion appetizer and this one of Texas Roadhouse would be my base.

The Cactus Blossom that will now be the base of many more onion blossoms to try.
The Cactus Blossom that will now be the base of many more onion blossoms to try.

I also ordered their Original Frozen Margarita.  I like my margarita frozen and as much as I was planning on getting another kind, they didn’t serve some of them frozen.   I wished they could serve all their margaritas this way because, really, it shouldn’t be that hard to mix it in a blender, right?  (Any bartender out there willing to tell me otherwise?)  But their margarita was just ok *shrug*. I have to say, I’ve tried better ones somewhere else.  I think it’s a little watered down and I couldn’t quite taste the alcohol.  But booze is booze and like I said, I’m a lush. (ha ha ha!)  And it would take more of this to get me drunk. I guess, there’s the rub…

The dinner rolls were also a special treat.  It’s the sweet roll that taste so much better because of their butter.  Ethan Dave had to order 2 more servings of their rolls. (He had to forget he was on a no-carb diet.)  They were that good.  For some reason, I consider this a big thing.  I will always assume that the better restaurants, at least, the ones worth your money, should always welcome their guests with an exceptional teaser of what other special food they can offer.  I know they’re just rolls, but if the restaurant takes the extra mile to make sure their rolls are superb, then you know every food that comes after should taste as good if not better.

Came my much awaited moment – the entree. I ordered a 10 oz fort worth rib-eye steak with a side of sauteed mushrooms, house salad and buttered corn.  I always order my steak medium rare.  I like biting into the texture of the tender pink meat in the middle – melts in your mouth.  And Texas Roadhouse didn’t disappoint me again.  It was grilled and seasoned the way I wanted – not too much of any steak sauce.  Just a bit of salt and pepper.  The steak was cooked really good – juicy and tasty, with just the right amount of fat.  Yes, I love a little fat on my steak.  (No cringing, please!)  That’s where most of the taste comes from!  So I don’t mind that at all.  Shoot me.

Now, looking at the pictures I took, I wished that their cooks would present the food better.  This is exactly how they served my plate, sans the knife.  There were smears of sauce on the sides of the plate that their cook or their waiter could’ve cleaned up a bit.  I know the whole ambiance of the place is very informal, but one way or another, I feel that there’s no excuse for mediocre presentations.

The mouth-watering juicy steak. I just wished they cleaned up the plate better...
The mouth-watering juicy steak. I just wished they cleaned up the plate better…